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The Effect of Brexit on UK Restructuring and Insolvency Processes - Lockhart - Leader

Br‘Exit’ to Br‘Entente Cordiale’: Strategies for International Business - Kettle

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Loss of Substratum: ‘A Modern Context’ - Lupton - Kendall - Basdeo

Centre of Main Interests (COMI): A Creditor’s Perspective - Lawrence

Key Insights into the Duty of Loyalty Owed by Directors: Judgment No. 5151/2015 of the Spanish Supreme Court (First Chamber) of 11 December 2015 - Garbayo Renouard

Announced Revision of Swiss Rules on the Recognition of Foreign Bankruptcy Proceedings in Switzerland: What Is It About? - Schellenberg - Oneyser

Moving Beyond Trust: Voidable Payments Received from Ponzi Schemes - Kersey - Bush - Drury

Res Cogitans: A Sale Is Not Always a Sale, Says the Supreme Court - Stone

Proposed Reforms to Australia’s Personal and Corporate Insolvency Laws: Striking a Balance Between Encouraging Entrepreneurship and Protecting Creditors - Mason

Case Note on the Decision of the European Court of Justice in Kornhaas v Dithmar, Dated 10 December 2015 – C 594/14 - Sax - Swierczok

A United States Bankruptcy Court Enforces the Worldwide Automatic Stay Imposed by a Foreign Court - Zerjal

An Account of the Performance of the Greek Stock Market - Anagnostopoulou - Kokkoris

Re Codere Finance (UK) Ltd [2015] EWHC 3778 (Ch) - Brown

Re Stemcor Trade Finance Limited [2015] EWHC 2662 (Ch); [2015] EWHC 2803 (Ch) - Amey

Lockston Group Inc v Nicholas Stewart Wood [2015] EWHC 2962 (Ch) - Shaw

In the matter of Indah Kiat International Finance Company B.V. [2016] EWHC 246 (Ch) - Abraham

International Corporate Rescue

Editor-in-Chief: Mark Fennessy, Proskauer Rose LLP, London.
Publisher: Sasha Radoja, London

International Corporate Rescue is the bi-monthly journal from Chase Cambria Publishing published in association with University College London (UCL), Centre for Commercial Law, and sponsored by South Square barristers' chambers. International Corporate Rescue covers the most relevant issues in the topical area of insolvency and corporate rescue law and practice. This is the journal with global reach. It covers the key jurisdictions and core regions of the US, UK, Asia and Europe. Each issue brings superbly authoritative articles on the most pertinent business issues written by the leading experts in the field.

Aims and Scope

It is our intention in this bi-monthly journal to provide practitioner value on a range of corporate rescue and insolvency issues covering a multitude of jurisdictions. With an Editorial Board drawn from academia, the legal and accountancy professions and from banking and commerce, the journal features articles from these industry perspectives. It is our aim to publish journal issues which are broad enough to cover industry perspectives, reporting on factors influencing global economic change, and yet specialised enough to provide an in-depth analysis to practitioners facing these issues on a day-to-day basis.


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